Basic Life Support

The course reviews the American Heart Association current guidelines for Adult, Child, and Infant CPR.  Additionally, basic first aid, AED and emergency chain of survival are included.


Course Information:

-Describe the importance of high-quality CPR on all cardiac arrest patients
-Describe all of the links in the Chain of Survival
-Perform all steps in the Chain of Survival
-Recognize the signs of someone needing CPR
-Perform high-quality CPR for an adult

-Perform high-quality CPR for a child

-Perform high-quality CPR for an infant
-Describe the importance of early use of an automated external defibrillator (AED)
-Demonstrate the appropriate use of an AED
-Provide effective ventilation by using a barrier device (rescue breathing)
-Describe the importance of teams in multi-rescuer resuscitation
-Perform as an effective team member during multi-rescuer CPR and as a leader
-Describe the technique for relief of foreign-body airway obstruction for an adult or child
-Describe the technique for relief of foreign-body airway obstruction for an infant

Certification - $75

Course pricing is subject to change.  Ask about multiple certification discounts and group pricing. 

Refund Policy:  Must provide at minimum 24-hour cancellation for full refund.  Less than 24 hour notice cancellation will result in a $65 non-refundable charge.


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