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Pediatric Advanced

Life Support

The course reviews the American Heart Association current guidelines for Pediatric Cardiac Arrest, Cardiac Dysrhythmia Treatment, Respiratory Emergencies and Medical Emergencies


During the course we will cover identification and treatment of pediatric patients with acute medical conditions requiring immediate medical intervention.  Performing a primary and secondary assessment survey along with immediate emergency actions required for successful treatment and transport of pediatric patients.   Algorithms for treatment of emergency situations and effective team based resuscitation dynamics.

Arrhythmia recognition we will be explained however it is expected that the student will have a working knowledge of EKG rhythms. Simulation with a defibrillator and the external pacemaker is included during the training session. The assessment and care of a patient experiencing an acute coronary syndrome or stroke is also included.

Course Information:

-Basic life support skills, including effective chest compressions, use of a bag-mask device,

         and use of an AED
-Recognition and early management of respiratory arrest and cardiac arrest
-Recognition and early management of dysrhythmias
-Airway management

-Upper/Lower Airway Obstructions

-Lung Tissue Disease & Disordered Control of Breathing
-Pediatric dose pharmacology
-Management of respiratory distress, failure and arrest
-Effective communication as a member and leader of a resuscitation team

New Certification - $175
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Renewal - $165
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Course pricing is subject to change.  Ask about multiple certification discounts and group pricing. 

Refund Policy:  Must provide at minimum 24-hour cancellation for full refund.  Less than 24 hour notice cancellation will result in a $65 non-refundable charge.

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